Trouble with saving from Dazzle Draw running on Apple Win

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Hi everybody,
Sorry to bother you with this but I've struggled with it and haven't been able to fix it. Anyway the issue is that i wish to save pictures created on dazzle draw and eventually have them as jpeg or tiff files.The way I've tried to achieve this is first by saving them as .dsk files then hoping to convert them later but I haven't even got this far. When I try to save a picture from Dazzle Draw on Apple Win I can format the .dsk file I have created but when I try to save to that .dsk once it has formatted I am told that it doesn't exist. What is the problem here? If there is an alternative way to do it then please let me know aswell. Any feedback is appreciated as I am an artist who has started using Dazzle Draw for his work

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Re: Trouble with saving from Dazzle Draw running on Apple Win

Are you using a ProDOS disk as your save-to disk? I just checked it and I was able to save and recall a pic..


On a clear disk you can seek forever..