Update of my Diskpages in the Applebox

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Hello to all AF-members
at the moment I'm working at an update of my DISK II pages.
The update is dedicated to the Duodisk. Several times in the last month
some members mentioned that my pages are restricted to
the DISK II only.

There are a lot of similarities between the DISK II and
the Duodisk and only minor differences:


I want to focus next week at that page to the differences and have
treated at the current moment to the similarities.

The main focus is related to the service of the Duodisk like speedadjustment
and will be expanded next week to the adjustment of Track 0.

hope you will enjoy....


In early days I had a lot of money but no time - now I have no money but a lot of time....
the second part includes less friends but a lot more joy on life....

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Re: Update of my Diskpages in the Applebox

Thank you for your efforts. I don't need them right now, but I will at some point. Your work is a valuable asset.

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Re: Update of my Diskpages in the Applebox

That's really great Speedy!

Thanks a lot for your work!