Very early Apple II+ from ebay

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I thought about buying this but passed. Beyond the bragging rights I couldn't get myself too excited about it.

I'm wondering what you guys think on the originality front. I think it is safe to say the Rev 04 should be original. The keyboard I'm not as certain but it woud make sense given they used the 'power key' variant until at least December of 79. But the PSU serial seems a bit early.

My email from ebay says it sold for $400. That's probably reasonable given the value of the individual compknents. I don't know. It was tempting.. that's the earliest serial I've seen to date.. but it's still a II+.. and it's quite dirty and the power switch mod is yeck.. I don't know.. would you guys have gone for it?

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Re: Very early Apple II+ from ebay

Well, if I follow the link the system says it is gone for 699,95 $.

I would say this is a late Apple II. It is the plus version, but what I mean is, the only difference are the different ROMs. So for a Rev.4 Apple II it's not a surprising price. The problem for me would have been the modification with the added switch on the left side. The rest could be fixed and cleaned.