When did the first Europlus get made?

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I have an early Apple II plus that looks like it was delivered for use with 50Hz/230v. It has the 50Hz jumpers set, different crystal, and a 115/230v switchable supply. It also has the PAL card sticker over slot 7. Looks like the keyboard has been replaced with a newer one along the way, I suspect to support the lowercase mods easier?

When did the Europlus models start? This seems like one but before they labelled them as Europlus's?


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Re: When did the first Europlus get made?

Hello rjustice,

up to my knowledge non of the Apple II models up before
rev.07 have been labeled as "europlus" model.
But there have been from the earlier models
so called "international" models sold by the stores
to businessmen, who often traveled to europe and that
have been equiped with supplies that you could toggle
between 110 Volt and 220 Volt. This was done upon the
demand of the customers.

Apple first introduced the so called "europlus" version
that was also labeled at the lid with the introduction
of the rev.7 models.

Resulting from the fact that your unit still has the
"memory blocks" it must be rev.4 or earlier - so it's to be assumed that
the mainboard has been replaced at some period at the customer....
and that you may call it a "international" or "continental" version.....

I can't tell the correct date - but you may take a lookup to
the common known "timeline" of Apple`s production at wikipedia
and examine which date the rev.7 was introduced to the
public and then recognize when specific "europlus" started entering the market.



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