Who here has a Data I/O System 29B EPROM Programmer?

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There's a couple of reasons why I'm asking...

This question is aimed at those that have one with only 64K installed.

On the 64K model, I'm noticing that I do not get all 65536 bytes (counting byte 0) when READING a 27512K EProm.
The very last Byte is missing and I have to enter it in by hand.

Do others with the Model 29B have this issue?

The Test:
Clear all RAM in the Data I/O programmer. (Set all RAM to 00)
Invert all RAM (Set all RAM to FF)
READ (load) a 27512 EProm that has a unique value set on the LAST byte. (Say, 'CF' as an example as long as it's not FF or 00)
Finally, check the byte at location FFFF. Mine loads everything but the last byte.

Is anyone elses doing that? Is this a known issue?

Also, is there a 29B model with over 64K of RAM?

Thanks in advance.