Will Clone ROMS interchange with an Apple ii plus?

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I am in the process of restoring an Apple ii europlus. I think I have everything ready to start the diagnostics (including a second working example which I came across recently). From information provided on this forum and a few other places, I have a good idea of the steps to take. I just wondered if it would be worth me purchasing a clone motherboard (which I see floating around on ebay) for substitute chips or are they not compatible with a genuine board. A friend of mine suggests that one of the roms may be defective, and I am a little worried about popping chips in and out of my working machine (which was hard to come by!) to help with the diagnosis.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Re: Will Clone ROMS interchange with an Apple ii plus?

Generally the clones have the same chips as the II+. Having one can be a great help in fixing a sick II+. The ROMs are likely a different story. All the clones I've had pass through my hands had EPROMs, usually 2716 EPROMs though they did use others.The ROMs Apple used had the signals on two pins interchanged from 2716 EPROMs. An adapter is easy enough to make up though.
There were a few clones that used 2732 or even 2764 EPROMs which weren't compatible with a II+