WTB Vulcan Apple II (not IIGS) controller

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Hi everybody. I just picked up an Applied Engineering Vulcan 20MB hard disk for the Apple II and now I find myself searching for the accompanying controller card.

In this instance I am looking for the Apple II specific one, and not the more common Apple IIGS one.

Anyone have one sitting around gathering dust they would consider parting with?

Many thanks!



Long time Apple fan girl Smile

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Re: WTB Vulcan Apple II (not IIGS) controller

Hello Jennifer,
besides wishing you good luck, i´d recommend you to search here the former threads
related to the Vulcan Controller just by entering the term "Vulcan" in the searchfield
at the upper right corner.
The search should come up with approx. 20 Threads related to the stuff.
Just one hint:
the reply at the last thread is not conpletely satisfying....
there is not much difference between the controller used at the IIe and that one used in the IIGS.
In fact thay are same and the only difference are different ROM-versions.....
I´d recommend to use even though - the later ROM version...
it supports also later proDOS versions - while the former version - has problems with proDOS beyond 1.1.1
besides in the old threads are also other valuable hints...

sincerely speedyG


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