happy new years

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Man it has been a good year. Apple came out with a computer
anyone can buy (A good move for apple).But here was the bad
times like the passing of word03 (I wish I could have know him)
But I hope have a good happy new year and 06
if you have anyting to say about the year
here is the place to say it or
you can pm me any time if
about this or any thing

best wishes


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yes, happy new year everyone

yes, happy new year everyone


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kudos to all John

kudos to all



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From Texas...

This'll be the last time I'm online before the new year, so:

Happy New Year from Texas!

May the next year bring you ale and health, women and wealth...

... except for those of us what's got women-folk already... for we'uns I wish more ale!

Cheers! Mazel Tov! Dostrovia! Yep!


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Happy new years from Maine!!!

Happy new years from Maine!!!


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happy newyears from maine too

happy newyears from maine too!


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Happy new years folks. Best

Happy new years folks. Best wishes to all.


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Happy First of January!!

Happy First of January!!