Dollars Days at our School

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These units were part of a very large pallet sale at a local school. If anyone has a Collectors interest in the units and they are making to make a donation per unit back to them I will package and ship for cost

Workgroup Server 95
Apple GS
Apple GS Woz
Apple II cx
Apple II fx
Apple si
Apple 512
Apple Mac LC
Apple Centris 650
Apple Centris 610
Apple 6100/160
Apple Quadra 610
Apple Plus
Apple SE
Apple Classic
Apple Classic II
Performa 466
Apple 7100
Apple 7300
Apple 6200's
Apple AIO 5200's
Apple AIO 5400's

Numerous Docking Stations
Powerbook Duo 230
Powerbook Duo 280
Powerbook Duo 210
Powerbook 520
Powerbook 5300
Powerbook 190
Powerbook 1400
Powerbook 1400 cs

for parts
Powerbook 140
Powerbook 160
Powerbook 180
Powerbook G3

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Powerbook 1400cs

I would like the powerbook 1400cs. How much would the donation be to get that system.

Also does it come with a power adapter etc? PM me please.

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how much for

the powerbook g3? and where are you located?

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Shipping Set

Most of these units can be shipped for around $6
so 10 for the machine and ten for the adapter. I dont
know what is reasonable in the Mac line. If you disagree
show me something comparative

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how much would shipping be fo

how much would shipping be for the 512 or plus or IIfx and how much do you want for them PM me


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How much of a donation for ea

How much of a donation for each of the following: Quadra 610, Centris 650, or Powerbook 1400 and adapter? Shipping? If prices are reasonable, I may be interested.


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where are you located at for

where are you located at for possible local pickup?


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Hi. what prices would you take on....

the classic II and a duo 230 and docking station? 5300C?



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i just shot u a pm

i just shot u a pm


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I am interested in several items

How much would the donation be for each of the following (if they are still available):
Workgroup Server 95
Apple II fx
Apple Centris 650
Powerbook 520
Powerbook 190

Send me your response by PM.


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What city / state are you in?

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sent you a PM


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City & State

For those that have been asking we are aboout an
hour south of St Louis Missouri

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Send replies by PM only

Just a reminder to please send all replies to buy/sell and wanted items by private message only.

Since this rule hasn't been enforced for a while, we're re-introducing it slowly.


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We are looking for LCII computers if you have any.

Paul Bergeron

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Thank you,
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i am interested in the apple]

i am interested in the apple][ and the Mac SE

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Dollar Days

it would be better to correspond on

Im not sure how much shipping is I will check