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I was given a new, in the box HP Jornada 680e for Christmas by my in-laws, and so far, I like it. Since I've been slowly going over to a more portable lifestyle, it seems to fit right in. Trouble is, my other portable gadgets are able to talk to my Macs. This little device only speaks to Wintel machines. True, there may be other options (serial transfers, IrDA, CF), but none of these really address the problem of true synching.
So, has anyone endeavored to create Mac based software for synching Windows CE? How about Virtual PC? My fastest Mac is my iBook Tangerine; it's running 9, and sorely needs more memory. How about an older desktop unit with the PC/DOS card? This is an avenue to consider, since the synching software only needs a 486 to connect.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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i've got a similar machine a

i've got a similar machine a Mobilepro 780 i've just been using a comapct flash card to transfer files. i think that there is a program called Macsync, but it costs money


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I know ax0n has a nice Jornad

I know ax0n has a nice Jornada, and I gave him my copy of the CE Development Studio 3.0 (IIRC) which I got for freee from MS years ago. If you can find a copy it may be possible to figure out some of the basic sync APIs and conver them to CodeWarrior or Xcode, but those might be in binary-only form. I never really played with it much.


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