FYI: 128MB Mystic-compatible SIMM on eBay

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It's minimum $33 with shipping, but at least you know it's compatible, and it comes with a 575 mobo and 2 sticks of VRAM.

Ends Friday night, a little before 11PM PST.


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Wow: $24.99!

What a bargain. $25 for a 575 board and the SIMM. Sad comment on the ancient Mac hobby, though.



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Re: Sad Comment...

Oh, I wouldn't give up the ship yet. There is a whole new crop of people getting into old Macs thanks to their exposure to the ubitquitous iPod. I had a rush on a whole bunch of Classics and Classic IIs and even sold a Mac II. These newcomers will start wanting to hack into their boxes as well.