Buying and Selling - Read Me First!

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Buying and Selling on Applefritter

Posting an item for sale or trade:

Your ad should contain as much information as possible: condition, technical specs, shipping cost or location you're shipping from are helpful. The more information you can provide, the smoother your transaction will go.

Any information you wish to add after posting can be added as a reply to your original message.

"Bump" posts are not allowed.

Links to ebay auctions:

Posting a link to an ebay auction is allowed only for your own auctions. As above, include as much information as possible. Do not just post a link and leave people to guess what you're selling.

Replying to a post:

If you're interested in responding to a for sale ad, do it through private message only (PM).

To send a PM, click the user's name, then click on the "Send private message" link.

It is not necessary to reply within the thread "I've sent you a PM". These posts will be deleted, and you will be sent a PM noting your post has been removed.

Negotiating a sale, questions or suggestions to the seller should all be done through PM.

In short, there are few times when anyone other than the original poster should post to a Wanted thread.

Posts that are useful to other users (eg: That's the Sawtooth not Yikes board, seller is in Wales, etc.) will not be deleted, but are discouraged as posters should include this information in the first place.

Discussions arising from items for sale should be started as a new thread in the appropriate forum, and not part of the for sale forum.

Buyer beware:

Applefritter provides space for buying, selling and trading goods. However, please note transactions through Applefritter are the responsibility of the buyer and seller only. Any use of Applefritter forums for fraudulent purposes should be brought to the attention of a moderator.


  • Ask for references, which could come from other members here, or an ebay account that they can prove is theirs.
  • Get package insurance and tracking
  • Get a signature required on delivery, in case an item is left half-out your front door when no one's home


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