prototype paladin on ebay

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can anybody tell me why this never came out? I mean, a combo mac/fax/scanner/phone/printer seems like a sewwt idea. or, this being from 1993, was it simply too far ahead of it's time?

sorry, guys, I have been intrenched in Apple/mac prototypes that never shipped. and I cant quite afford the $150 for the AppleDesign book, which from what I have heard has alot of prototpes in it.

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it's kind of ugly.. but i wou

it's kind of ugly.. but i would have bought one given the chance if they came into production. i geuss apple didnt want to take to much market away from thier desktops at the time, because wouldn't you like to have that take up less space then a tower, monitor, printer, fax machine and a phone seperatly


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Oh, Yeah

I can make one of these! All I have to get is an old PowerBook Duo 230, a StyleWriter, an Apple-branded scanner, and a fax (probably a Canon). Then, I need a roll of duct tape and some J-B Weld...


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Holy crap that's expensive.

Holy crap that's expensive.


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did u see the price?? over $5

did u see the price?? over $5000!


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they are rare

They are Rare there was only 15 prototypes released iirc.

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Well we now know of 2 in the

Well we now know of 2 in the wild definitly


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