My B&W: Time to Mod the Outside, any Suggestions?

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My B&W having been about the same internally for about 9 months now, I figure its time to dress it up as much on the outside as it is on the inside. Was just curious, any 'Fritters have ideas for what'd look good on the exterior (or interior of the exterior?) I've got some ideas, just nothing earth-shattering.

BTW: I may well incorporate some or all of what ends up transpiring here, so if youre not up to freely throwing out a few suggestions just to see them take shape, do say so (like "I'm going to do this to mine") so I know that ahead of time and not after the fact.

That said, any thoughts?

-- Macinjosh

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Remove the plastic shell and

Remove the plastic shell and paint the metal case.

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re: Remove the plastic shell

Which looks like sort of like this.

dan k


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Buy an acrylic PC case and in

Buy an acrylic PC case and install the guts in there. The power supply in the B&W is the same dimensions as a standard ATX PSU, so it'll bolt right in. The only real modding you'll need to do is in mounting the motherboard, making a rear port shield (should you want to, it's optional) and hacking the power button/power light/reset button. Then you could get silly and add cold cathodes and stuff.


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Turn it into a Black and Whit

Turn it into a Black and White? I am not sure how it would be done, but you could cause some confusion. Smile

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So far I'm thinking...

... brushed aluminum in place of the white, something darker in the place of the blue, and carbon fiber accents for the holographic blue places 'round the ports, and maybe in the place of the striped pattern on the front where the drives, etc are located, in the form of vinyl sheeting.

Why sheeting? Seems rather easy to do from what I read, and with my nonexistant access to professional painting supplies, probably better looking in the end, though i did a beige desktop case that didnt come out too bad.

Although now that I think of it, my Dad's got a friend who runs a body shop/painting joint... I could order some really rockin' paints and maybe convince him to do 'em up for me. That'd be sweeeeeeeeeeet. Too bad that Cadillac pearly white is so blasted expensive...

Back to the sheeting though, what does one do with the handles? I suppose you could get rid of the bumps and sheet them too, or shoot them with some of that transparent window tint paint they use for model cars...

Anyone else care to chime in? Good ideas so far, and mad props to the respective places (a la the Nekkid G3...)

EDIT: Black and white's been done before, well sorta...

Looks very sharp and conservative that way though... and those G3s on the inside are definitely coming out, since it's a G4 now... ooh how about some EL stripping cut out in a "G4" in the sides?
-- Macinjosh

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an easy one

Make it a grey and white, with front and top panels from a G4. Looks good, real easy. It will also make the "G3 upgraded to a G4" statement perfectly. Instead of removing the G3 sticker you could "cross it out" and put a ^ up to a red"G4" in a tagger/spray paint kind of script. Heck, just use spray paint!

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Christmas lights always work

Christmas lights always work for me.