A few old macs

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Hello everyone! I have a few old macs in my basement I am looking at getting rid of, all of them have ram, HD, run stable and are relitivily clean and in good condition MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER.
so heres the list
IICI w/ daystar digital upgrade card
Centris 660 AV
Mac Clasic II
power Mac 7500/100
and an SCSI Zip 100 external drive.
My email address is pm or email me for more info I can take pictures and give more specific specs if someone is interested.
Thanks for looking

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The daystar card would probab

The daystar card would probably be of most interest. Is it a 030 or 040 card? How fast is it?

Does the IIsi have a ROM simm? Sadly, that is pretty much the only use for a IIsi these days.