software emulators for a CC Mystic system?

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Does anyone know if there are software based emulators to run software from other classic systems on a CC Mystic? I know there is a hardware emulator board for the Apple IIe, but is there software emulators for the following systems?

Apple IIe
Apple IIgs
Commodore 64
Arcade Emulation aka MAME

I'm curious to know if there are emulatrs out there for the above or any other classic systems.


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68K systems generally don't have the power . . .

. . . . for s/w emulation' hence the 'IIe on a card" h/w solution, which is, I believe, unique. Stuart.


Stuart Bell,
Developer of the PowerCC site a long time ago.

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There was a TRS-80 Model I em

There was a TRS-80 Model I emulator for 68K macs:

I remember it being "fast enough". There are also 68K versions of SoftPC (slow!), CP/M emulators, software-only II emulators:

etc. Keep in mind that the Apple II and TRS-80 are pretty "simple" machines. Arcade emulations are as general rule pretty much beyond a 68040's abilities.