Geek Ergo Sum

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For all of us who fritter...

I surround myself with gadgets and things
And techie books galore
The wares I love the wares I need
Are scattered on the floor

To me no problem's impossible
They're challenges, more or less
"So what, you have an old machine?
Let's give it a new OS!"

The things near and dear to me
I know like dear old friends
Apple and Intel and Tandy and Palm
And the list, it never ends

So in the end this mindset I have
I know you'll understand
I simply say "geek ergo sum"
I geek, therefore, I am



Tinker Ergo Sum!
iBook G4 "Snowy", iBook Clamshell "Tang", Tandy Model 102 "Tandy", Tandy Model 200 "Deuce", Palm IIIxe "Xerxes", HP Jornada "Jordana"

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