Programming a 68K on a 68K?

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Hello everyone,
I want to do some vintage programming on a vintage Mac. I have a Color Classic and an SE/30. Any ideas what programming software will run on these that might still be downloadable? I would like it to be able to do graphical user interface design. I am open to any programming language, but something low level would be best as I want to have direct access to the ports.

Thanks in advance,


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Tried the barracks?

I do not know the best answer for your question and you may get some good ones here, but I would be remiss not to point you towards It is to 68k what Apple Fritter is to everything after 68k, the best place on the web to go for answers on your Mac.


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I used Symantec Think Pascal.



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vintage programming

Apple Macintosh Programmers Workbench MPW Shell, Assembler, C, C++, Pascal, Lisp, ...

Symantec Think Pascal, C, C++, ...

CodeWarrior C, C++, ...

AppleScript, HyperCard, MacPerl, Prograph, ...

compile the language/assembler you want to use as a plug-in into MPW and/or whatever 68k development tool/shell you want to use: your 68000 assembler, Ruby, java, Python, PHP, ...

install A/UX, or a 68k linux/bsd and use the GNU development tools: 68000 assembler, ...

run a 68000 assembler/compiler in an emulator: SC 68000 cross assembler running from a 68k-Mac Apple ][ emulator , Microsoft Visual Studio Macintosh Cross Development Platform running from VirtualPC!

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Things to investigate!...

Thanks! that does give me some starting points. I have been over to the site and will poke around there somemore.

Thanks again!