dead or just resting?

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So do I have an ex wallstreet on my hands or is it just resting? For some time it has been unable to remember the date, time and keyboard settings if unplugged from the mains (so not very useful as a laptop). Then eventually it just refused to restart. I have tried all of the keyboard Zapps that people have suggested, and also left it plugged in for days to recharge the PRAM battery. All to no avail. Basically it chimes when you start up, runs through loading the extensions, then you get a tantalizing glimpsse of the desktop before it goes into a coma. The green LED blinks slowly and when you press the power button you get a repeated clicking that kind of sounds like a growl.

any ideas? it's got lovely plumage so I can't bear to see it go

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The PRAM battery is not recha

The PRAM battery is not rechargable. It will need replacing.

A dead pram battery shouldn't cause the Powerbook to shut down after extensions have loaded, though. Have you tried starting it from a CD (if that's an option)? I don't know if the power manager could account for that, but replacing the pram battery, then resetting the power manager, could at least eliminate that as the cause.


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re: The PRAM battery is not rechargable.

On PowerBooks the PRAM battery is rechargable.

Try unplugging the PRAM battery, that seems to help when a battery is on its last legs. Also, did you reset the Power Manager? See the back on the I/O panel for details.

However, I think eeun is on the right track. Try booting from an alternate source, CD for example. Your problem could easily be related to the OS or the HD.

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perhaps it's stunned?

yes I tried rebooting from a CD but that just does the same. I also tried several key combinations which were recommended, but to no avail. I was trying to get round not buying a battery unless I could be sure (didn't want to waste £40 if that's not the problem). If I put it back together WITHOUT the battery and it starts OK, I guess that means it is the battery - yes? (would I have to reset the PM again?)

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if it works without the batte

if it works without the battery then i think youve found the problem.


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dead or resting

I purchased a couple of 5300s off e-bay and one had a similer problem as does your wallstreet. I unplugged the pram battery and it powered right up with no issues. I have since replaced the pram battery and had no problems.
The pram battery was shorted in my 5300 and it would cause the machine to shut down about halfway thru the bootup sequence and I would have to use the reset switch before it would try to boot again.


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