Hacking an Apple II

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Has anyone hacked an Apple II into another case? Made it into
something else? Added hardware from other computers to it?
How about some pics and discussion on this? There are "grillions"
of these machines out there, so hacking one shouldn't be a
huge problem.


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I have my IIgs in a rackmount

I have my IIgs in a rackmount case, along with a variety of peripherals. I should do a write-up.

Several years ago, I also adapted a IIgs into a IIe case, soldering on pins to support the IIe keyboard.



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IIe keyboard

Built my own IIe keyboard from the remains of a Mac Plus keyboard, does that count?

Also, need to do a writeup on that. Dig it out of storage to take a few pics too.


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Sure! And don't forget, you all, send in some pics!
ANY hack involving an Apple II computer. Maybe some
bizzare cases, lighting, or functions that the com-
puter was hacked for...like running your other media
gear, or controlling central heat/air systems. How
about security systems or home lighting? There used
to be some hacks available on the old AppleFritter
site. We should try to revive this idea.


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The hack is in the mail

I have bits and pieces for a long-pondered Apple ][ desecration coming via the USPS slow boat. Assuming everything comes off as planned the result will probably be flame-bait, but... I'll be sure to document it in pictures. ;^)


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apple ii keyboard

I suspect something on the original keyboard encoder board of my apple ][+ is NOT working. Sad

My most recent "hack" of the apple ][+ was to change the foam backing on all of the keys on the crappy keytronics clone keyboard that I've been using. It involved scissors, glue, and foam. It was somewhat successful. www.geocities.com/mmphosis/apple2/images/

I was even thinking of rigging the lines out of a parallel port on an old PC into the parallel keyboard lines on the Apple ][+.

I'd been interested in any cheap hacks for getting a parallel keyboard working on an apple ][+.