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I have read that it is possible to upgrade an Apple 3.5 Disk Drive to a Apple SuperDrive if you put the mechanic of a old Mac Drive inside ...

So it can read 720k 1.4MB and 800k disks ...

Does anyone know more details about that ?

Thanks a lot !

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Sounds like a myth. . .

. . . as the first 3.5" drives operated at 400k. The standard external drive that they made many of, and are still somewhat available were in 800k (used with mac and ]['s), and Apple did (briefly) produce a "SuperDrive" that can handle 800k format and 1.4MB format.

The SuperDrive requires a special interface card for Apple ]['s. Once in awhile these show up on Ebay, where the drives cost about $75 and the interface cards cost about $150. One interface card can handle two daisy chained drives, either Super or 800k.


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"It is possible to take a standard Apple 3.5 Drive and upgrade it to an
External SuperDrive by swapping the internal disk mechanism from an older
FDHD enhanced Macintosh. Apparently this is an easy upgrade."




I do have this special card ! Smile

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But to read the HD floppys yo

But to read the HD floppys you need a superdrive card.


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