Shoehorning Tiger onto my Wallstreet....

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If I took apart my 15" BPG4 and swapped in a blank hard drive and tossed tiger on it, what are the chances that drive would boot in my Wallstreet?

I know a lot of the install checks are trivial B.S. that keep you from installing an otherwise capable OS onto old hardware (the premise behind XPostFacto).

I guess it's more a question of OSX's drivers. Does it just install all the hardware drivers, or does it just install the basics needed for whatever machine you slap it on (i.e. the video card drivers are different between my Wallstreet and my PBG4)

Thoughts? Comments? 10.2.8 is pissing me off and now that I've got 320MB of Ram in this thing I can't see Tiger being any worse than what I've got. I wish It was closer to 512MB but I'll manage.


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Tiger on a wallstreet

I didn't tried this on a Wallstreet, but it worked with Tiger on my Lombard, so just try it. On the other hand, tiger on a Lombard wasn't quite fast, so if you want performance, go for Panther. This way of "installing" an os on a not supported Mac is much easier than using software like Xpostfacto. Just put the hd in a supported machine, install the os and then swap the hd.


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I don't think that that would work, because xpostfacto installs some extra kernel extensions to make panther and tiger work on the older models.


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I'd use Xpostfacto anyway...

as it installs a bunch of otherwise missing drivers for the earlier machines. I bet it'll boot just fine though even without those drivers.

Cripey, if I can easily get Tiger running on 9600, I'm pretty dang sure a native G3 machine should be eminantly doable. Heh, I even did the install from an external FireWire DVD drive; that same approach could also be used on a WS, just need a suitable FW cardbus card (and FW DVD drive of course.)

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i would go for installing on

i would go for installing on a supported machine and moving the hdd i new a guy who wanted XP on a pentuim1 so he installed it on a pII and moved the hard drive over to 133mhz pentuim1 and it worked although it was s l o w. although Tiger is very different from XP in theory it should work the same. the question is. do you want to take the performance hit?