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Well, the bad capacitors on motherboards has hit the office big time. Both development machines had them on their motherbords on 2/24/06, probably one of the worst times of the year for it to happen (We write tax reporting software and other programs, and a lot are due on 2/28/06).

I replaced both motherboards over the weekend. One would not finish booting WinXP, the other did but required activation again since the hardware had changed. Unfortunately, we were out of activations, so I had to buy an OEM copy of WinXP Pro. At least windows managed to function on that one until the end of the day. I'm backing it up now.

They lasted about 2.5 years of heavy use, but they could have waited a couple of weeks to expire.

Has anyone else experienced these lovely caps?

And how was your week? Smile

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I've experienced the caps. Electrolytic or similar?

Unfortunately a Macintosh Classic was the victim for me. Completely destroyed the little
guy's logic board. Sad

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Back when I worked in a PC sh

Back when I worked in a PC shop I would recap about 1 board a week or so. I got pretty good at it and could do it fairly quickly.


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I think it was electrolytic....

Considering the old boards are in the trash, it's hard to tell. Smile

One machine is set up completely, the other one I'm backing up about 300GB of data. While I'm certain that I won't need everything from it, you never can tell....