Installing Tiger iBook G4

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Presently I have Panther 10.3.9 on my iBook, but would like to install Tiger. I want to keep all the e-mail messages, and other necessary stuff from Panther.

What about the third-party software? Do I need to uninstall all those before installing Tiger over Panther?

Also, I don't want to lose all the songs I've already added to iTunes. Will those automatically be added to iTunes in Tiger? And what about the browser bookmarks and other stuff?



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if you do an upgrade, you should have no problem. as far as 3rd party software, tiger can break some of the apps. So I would check to make sure the apps you need most work with tiger before doing the upgrade.
If the apps aren't able to work with them, you can always find alternatives. If you can't, then you might not want to upgrade.


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There should be few if any pr

There should be few if any problems with your software if you do an upgrade. Your iTunes music, bookmarks, email, and all other data will be retained. The next step up is an archive-and-install, you will have a cleaner installation and your data will be retained (although if you don't use the "keep network and user settings", you may need to dig through that archive to find some of it) but some of your apps may need to be reinstalled or have components manually moved back from the archive.


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