Macs Are Cheaper Than PC's For Businesses!

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Came across this little ditty today...
The category breaker: Apple's MacTel. I'm sure the PC guys (Dvorak? You listening?) are going to love this one.


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Schwartau has been Mac for a

Schwartau has been Mac for a while, because he got tired of using and maintaining Windows as their workstation machines. It's kinda the same idea that a mechanics gets tired of fixing cars all day, and might not want to work on his own after hours... Anyway, he's been running the "experiment" long enough to have found some real cost differences. And his comment on a $500 Mini is now dated, but it's spot on, except for one thing: PC IE-only web apps won't run. Even under VPC they'll suck. There might be a large cost in migrating them to something a Mini can run, and he doesn't mention if his TCO has accounted for that.

ax0n and I have seen him live at DefCon before, he's a good speaker. If anyone has a chance to see him do a presentation, it'd probably be worth your time.


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