Apple IIc problem at startup and two ( character in two different position on the screen

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Hi to all !
I've got an Apple IIc (the original one, first model) from U.S.A.
I've two problem:

1 Ive got this HC without any disks operative sistem ... I tried to use Apple IIe Operative sistem (DOS 3.3) but the floppy doesn't read nothing at startup .. I listen only the rumor that the floppy makes at startup (sounds like tac..tac.. for few seconds) and after nothing..

2 I noted two characters on the screen at startup. This two character are the sign ( that repeat vertically on the same column everytime I type return in modality prompt ] ...

Is there a mode to try to read a disk using basic command, or format a disk without Operative System ?? I've some empty 5.25" and I want try to read or make some operation to control if the floppy is faulty or no ...
What can happen to the unit If I see this two character ??

Thanks in advance for your help and excuse me for my bad English ...


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It sounds like the belt is off the drive. The disk drive has a belt underneath it that spins the disk. The 'tac..tac..' is the head centering to read the drive. The Apple IIc will operate off of Dos3.3 for the IIe. Your best bet would be to open it up and look.