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Hey folks,

D/loaded and started using AppleWin emulator //e. So far its great. Back in the day, i loved programming in Applesoft, and my last endevor on the //'s was making BBS programs. Well since i acquired the emulator program im slowing getting back into the programming. Ive searched all the sites and found alot of the retailed software images. Besides Nibble and A.P.P.L.E website, are there any user based sites that people can share their emulated self made programs?

thanks in advance

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Apple II programming


At the moment, I am programming for the Apple II and using AppleWin and gak! Notepad. Most of the programming I am doing is in 6502 assembler for speed running the program and some stuff is in Applesoft for speed of writing the program. I use DOS 3.3 image disks.

I recently exported my favouritos from Internet Exploder to make a little "Apple ][" web page with links to some of the cool sites you've already mentioned, and you may find other links that are useful, and other are links to historical sites...
Geocities doesn't let me upload .dsk files. Like you, I am looking into other sites to share disks and programs on.

There is also an Applesoft/environment available for Linux that I want to look at. I am always looking for some good programming sites. Let me know if you find sites that people can share their emulated self made programs.


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hi mmphosis, I'll make sur

hi mmphosis,

I'll make sure to check out your webpage.

You know, i first looked at getting A2 Oasis website and have tried it but IMHO applwin suits me just fine as a emulator. I'll certainly let all you know if i do find a grassroot programming database for our 6502 computers. You know, while i was on A2 Oasis website, i checked and read the guestbook and its full of people wanting to get back into programming with Applesoft/Machine Code. so there are people out there, we just need to find a central place where we can show/share our creations. Just thinking right now and P2P torrents come to mind.