Apple computer under a glass table

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Hey guys.

A while back I remember being on Applefritter and there was a lot more hacks and things than there appears to be now. I just wanted to know if anyone remembers one hack that was of a table with a mac computer under it. Any help finding this would be hot, thanks!

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You're probably thinking of t

You're probably thinking of the Mac Table, a spin-off to the MacQuarium I came up with about 5 years ago.

Here's the cache of that page, the Mac Table is at the bottom:


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Nope, that wasn't the one unf

Nope, that wasn't the one unfortunately. The one i'm thinking about was an actual usable computer that you looked down on from behind a glass table. It was really cool.. hmm

Maybe i'll just make one.

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Are you thining of something

Are you thining of something like a MacMAME conversion to a table style arcade machine?


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