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I just thought of this: what will the name of the xserve be when they load it with an intel chip? and what kind of intel? I think it will probibly be some 64-bit version, or something higher up than the core solo and duos in the consumer (sp) models. it is, after all, a corporate/enterprise unit. it would have to be something better.

any thoughts?

-digital Wink

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Probably some thing outta [ur

Probably some thing outta this list would be it. They'll likely leave teh Xserve name, as it'll still run OS X. So far I see no reason for them to change it, a-la the MacBook Pro. They left iMac and mini, and just added the Intel to the original name. If anything, they'll do something like Xserve Core Quad or whatever, depending on what chip they use. Personally, Octserve wouldn't be too bad for an 8 core model.


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