McCAD EDS SE400 - PCB software

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A few weeks ago, I bought the Replica I Creation book by Tom off Amazon.

I sent off the bit of card inside the book to get the lisense key for my copy of the MacCAD EDS SE400 software that came with it.

It was sent off by airmail here (from Scotland) less than a wek after I got the book.

So anyway, its been a long time gone and I still haven't got a reply, or even any sign that they've got it.

Can anyone tell me how to find out more, or if it's something to do with the fact that I'm in the UK?



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McCAD key

While I am here in the states, Vamp was pretty quick about turning the key around for me. It didn't take much longer than the transit time of the postcard, and they emailed the key to me. I can't see postcard class taking longer than 2-2 1/2 weeks to get to California. I haven't tried email, but I can say that via phone they were extremely helpful in answering questions I had about the licensing. I'd email them at and see what's up.

By the way, since I just found this out, when you register the Mac that you are going to use McCad with, you had better be SURE that that is the machine that it is going to live on in perpetuity. They are not joking when they say a copy is permanently registered to one machine. I've got to buy another copy of the book now!!

good luck,


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