Digital HiNote TS30H dead

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Mt brother has given me his HiNote which seems to be totaly dead. Pushing the power button gets no more than the floppy disk icon up, there is no disk drive noise, and no display on the screnn. I've tried a Win 98 boot disk and it's not read.

I have looked under all the covers, re-seated the memory/hard disk etc, no change.

Can anyone help me boot this PC, all he really wants is his data from the hard drive.

Ta in anticipation.

John S...

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I dunno what is wrong with th

I dunno what is wrong with the laptop, but by floppy disk icon, you mena the indicator light on the laptop, and not a picture on the screen?

If it's just the info you are worried about, then pull the HDD and use a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter to put the drive in a desktop. Then just use it like a second drive and copy off whatever you need.


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