4gig ram in mdd?

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i tried to put two 1gb ram sticks from my dead g5 into my g4 mdd. i was surprised to see that they are working in the g4. shouldnt it be possible to put two more ram sticks in there to get a total of 4gig ram? theoretically should a 32bit machine accept up to 4gig ram, shouldnt it?
has anyone already tried this?

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according to mactracker, the

according to mactracker, the max ram limit is 2.0gb. it does have 4 slots, but I doubt it will register more than the first 2gb. also, make sure you have the right type of ram. again, mactracker says if you have the dual 867mhz model, it takes 4 PC2100 sticks, but if you have the dual 1ghz+, it takes 4 PC2700 sticks. make sure they are 2.5v, unbuffered, 8-byte, non-parity 184 pin DDR SDRAM.

then again, who knows. I mean, the original ram limit of my B&W machine was a puny 768mb. but, as time went on, and ram became higher density, they found this thing could hold up to a whopping 1gb. so, you never know. knock yourself out. Just make sure you dont fry they MDD.

btw, how the F did you kill a G5? and what was it, a Powermac, or iMac?

if you want, I could take the G5 off your hands...

-digital Wink

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i have got a dual 1.25 mdd. i

i have got a dual 1.25 mdd. it needs pc2700 ram and that is what im curious about because the pc3200 ram from the g5 works in the g4 too.

and the g5... it is a powermac. it died over night. turned it on next day and the system did not boot. AHT said that the mainboard was dead. i sent it to apple and they say that they are going to replaced the mobo... who knows...

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Generally, as long as your RA

Generally, as long as your RAM is as fast as the computer's specification, or faster, you should have no problem. For example, PC 3200 should work in any computer that requires DDR RAM up to and including 3200. As well, it's a bad idea to mix RAM speeds within a computer. Having 2 3200 sticks and 2 2700 sticks, for example, can cause timing mismatches which can lead to system instability and, in extreme cases, kernel panics.



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