Tunnelvision 1.1.1 - MacDim screensaver module

Tunnelvision 1.1.1

Tunnelvision is a MacDim screensaver module that renders
a variant of the classical demo tunnel object on your screen.

Tunnelvision is a PPC stand-alone program which can
communicate with the freeware control panel MacDim.

Shareware $5 (or $20 for all our MacDim modules)

System requirements: System 7.0 or later

Main changes in v1.1.1:
- Fixed a bug in an assembler routine
- Added PPC only notice for 68k users

At the present time these MacDim modules have been released:
Fireballs, Blackout, ShadeCluster, Tunnelvision, AD Launcher, Molecules,
ChaosZoom and PixelGallery. They can all be downloaded at:

For more information, please visit our web-pages at:

Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Ibrium HB

Path: files.tidbits.com/info-mac/app/ss/tunnel-vision-111.hqx

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