Slide Freebie 2.0 - Freeware Slideshow Viewer

Likes: PPC Macintosh, System 7.5 or higher, Quicktime 3.0, and 6-12MB RAM.

Slide Freebie is a freeware slide show viewer and more from Artly There.
Slide Freebie will show up to 2500 images in 300 nested folders.


Drag And Drop of Source Folder
Auto Advance
Image Effects
File Conversion
File Renaming
File Trashing
Neat Graphics
Ease Of Use

Slide Freebie will also demo 61 Compositor filter variations.

Compositor is Artly There's Image To Art Creator and Editor

New with Slide Freebie v2.0

Updated Freebie Help Menu item for controls map
Tool zoom option for enlargement of smaller images to screen size
New Folder Chooser
File Trashing
Immediate update of changed display choices
Shows more files
Better error handling and alerts

Slide Freebie


Path: /www/exparrot/

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