Crusader - Overall Shot

Crusader was my first attempt at a hack. It was a Power Mac 7500 that I had bought for A/V uses, and as such, I felt that it needed a custom paint job to complete the look -- beige just wasn't cutting it. I went out and purchased some Krylon silver spray paint, along with blue Testors clear spray enamel.

As you can see, the Testors dries see through, so you can still read the letters on the keys. I wanted this effect to be quite prominent, and ran all of the plastics through the dishwasher first to help get them ready for paint. There's one key on the keyboard that isn't painted, for a rather interesting reason. I was prying the keys off with a little flat head screwdriver, and this key wouldn't come off. Afraid to break the board, I ignored it - and discovered that I did indeed break the little "presser thing" that connects the key. Oh well.

The keys, power button, and eject button (for the CD drive) are all blue. Everything else is Silver.

Crusader runs with a 132 MHz 604e processor, 64 MB RAM, and dual 2 GB hard drives. I added a USB card for the newer devices. One of my best friends moved away about half a year ago, and I gave this computer to him as a going-away gift. Needless to say, he loves it. Apparently it runs fine on the family's cable modem, and he uses Mac OS 9.1.

Crusader - Keyboard Closeup

Crusader - Side Angle

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Very nice!

I like the key treatment especially, very nice effect and the silver looks great too. I really like the look of the mouse, how well is/was the silver Krylon finish holding up?


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Not bad

Looks good, personally I would have done a few more coats of the blue but I like darker tones. The light blue works well tho'

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Really nice, especially for a

Really nice, especially for a first attempt (I don't want to think of my first hack-I get nightmares about it). I don't really like the colors, but great job nonetheless.
Too much silver IMHO.