Se/30 and the I300 Apple Caddy SCSI

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Hello there everyone,
of late, I've been slowly putting together an SE/30 setup that to date includes and external 2 gig SCSI HDD, in time a PDS Ethernet card (if ever I can get in touch again with the man I was going to buy it from) and finally a Caddy based External i300 CD-rom drive. I got the drive off of E-bay and using the SCSI 50 pin centronics cable from the HDD and the terminator hooked it up and also used a Universal CD-rom Extension provided with the 2 gig external and placed it in the extensions foldier. When the Caddy for the CDs finally arrived tonight I hooked it all up and when the machine finished booting up inserted the caddy and CD-rom inside..I waited for a bit and then a message came up and said;

"This Disk is written in a Non-mac format" with the choice of either Initilizing it or ejecting it being given. It was a simple audio CD, and I've also tried Data CDs to no avail. Any ideas? Did I purchase a bum i300? sure hope not! Thanks!


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It might be as simple as getting the Foreign File Access extension, and its support files like ISO 9660 access.

Worth a shot, and you can get 'em from

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System 6 and 7 Macs...

Since its an SE/30 I know your using 6 or 7, probably system 7. Both of these operating systems dont come with any sort of program or drivers for playing audio cds or any other format besides HFS. I also think theres an Audio Cd extension besides the CD-rom extension for older macs.



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There are no audio connection

There are no audio connection between the SE/30 and the I300 CD player. The only way to play Audio CD's is to use headphones direcly from the CD Drive

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if you want cd-rom files from

if you want cd-rom files from 7.6 i will see what i can do
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Try This

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