Performa 5400/200 problems

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my 'new' performa and its sisters wont display anything on the screen altough one will and it made a clicking noise at me, which nearly made me jump under the table Tongue it doesnt make it to the desktop, i get a error box which is empty and it only displays an ok button. the other ppcs will make the bong and the likes but it 'seems' dead. probably is the contrast but i doubt it

-adriaan Mac OS

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I had a monitor make that sna

I had a monitor make that snapping noise and it died soon after. It's probably dangerous too.

Don't give up on the 5400/200 though, the logic board can be used in a few older slower Macs to boost them quite a bit.
I have a LC580 all-in-one with a 5500/225 logic board and it works great and it's an easy swap. There are several Macs you could put the 5400/200 logic board in. I have a Performa 638CD desktop that the board will work in also. Right now I have the LC580 board with 32MB RAM in the 638CD and it's alot zippier with OS 7.5 using it as a TV.


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