Power Mac 8600 Problems

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I bought a PM 8600/300 from a thrift store. When I try to boot it, the drive spins up and it plays the "bawoom" sound but the screen remains dark. usual symptoms of a dead PRAM battery, but that's not it.

I've tried:

replacing the battery
resetting the CUDA (sometimes works to get the Mac booted)
resetting the PRAM
trying different HD's and RAM sticks
disconnecting the Hard Drive, ZIP drive and trying to boot from a CD
reseating the processor card
trying different keyboards, mice, and monitors

No SCSI, Serial, or other devices are hooked on to it. It's all stock, except for 1 RAM SIMM that works (I tested).

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does it have working vram chi

does it have working vram chips in it? Or are you using an add-on pci vid card?

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no video

You should try a PCI video card, your video port connection to the motherboard MAY be bad.

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A1 and B1?

I don't know but maybe A1 and B1 slots?