Daystar SE/30 / IIsi PDS adapter for Daystar Turbo 040 40MHz

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I just nabbed a Turbo 040 (XC68040HRC40M) and, while I do have a IIci to stick it in, I'd be really happy if somebody had the adpater that would let me put it in an SE/30. I would be really happy if ssomeone has a IIsi adapter so that I can stick the T040 and an enet card in the SE/30. Anyway, if I'm totally out of luck here, I'll just have one r0x0rn' IIci.


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I believe that the Turbo 040

I believe that the Turbo 040 may draw too much power for the SE/30, so my request is revoked unless someone can tell me that they have gotten a 40MHz one working...


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I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. - Fritz Perls

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I have a 40MHz Daystar Turbo

I have a 40MHz Daystar Turbo 040 working just fine in an SE/30. Along side that I have a MacCon Ethernet card. Both cards connect via the TS Adapter made here in Japan. You need to open your PSU and crank up the voltage a bit, but it does work.

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Where can I get an adaptor an

Where can I get an adaptor and how much? I have a Daystar 040/33 and also a Ethernet card I want to get working in my SE/30.


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Adapters... gotta love 'em

Good to see you JDW...

Well, they aren't super common. I finally scored one off of eBay in a pile of other cards. Finally, after like 5-6 years of on and off looking. I've made noises a couple of times about trying to clone one, and I still think that it is within the realm of possibility, especially since I now have one to reverse engineer. However, at the very least the IIsi adapter that I have has one PLD to crack on it and the pcb is a couple of layers thick (making tracing traces fun), so no time for that insanity in the near future.

However, as JDW would (will) point out to you, the suitable adapter can be purchased new. A gentleman in Japan reverse engineered an adapter a couple of years back and offers an adapter specifically for the se/30 that has a passthrough and a slot for Daystar accelerators (be they 030 PowerCaches like mine, or 040's like you have. He calls it the TwinSpark adapter. Grab your favorite Japanese to English page translator and check his site out:

Yes, it's expensive, it's also the only show in town unless you can wait for eBay or a fritterer to take pity. I think the Yen converts to like $170 or so. He seems like a decent enough fellow, although I wouldn't go peppering him with questions.

JDW is also right, the stock supply can support the 040, in addition to other things. He and I are still trying to sort out just how much it can handle. Schlep over to the 68kmla and look at the thread on that.



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Re: Adapters... gotta love 'em

pmjett wrote:

... I think the Yen converts to like $170 or so ...

I ran a Yen conversion on and found out that:

1 US dollar = 113.919 Yen

(as of 4:20 pm CST, Friday, June 9, 2006. Your results may vary.)


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Topic moved...

...out of the buy/sell forums so OT yet useful discussion can merrily continue.


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