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Hey folks -

For anyone interested, yes I am working on the 'Fritter, it's just going rather slowly. This next issue will contain my Keynote article (absurdly dated by now), a Doc Webster article as always, a quick article on using stylesheets within a webpage, a review of Cory Doctorows "Eastern Standard Tribe", though mainly focussing on the license behind the book, and a review of the book "Mac Confidential 2.0" which I've just finished.

I'm so utterly happy someone actually sent me a review copy of something Mac OS

As for work right now, I'm finally out of High School and I'm working phone tech support (or will be in two weeks once I get out of training). Work's from 7 am to 2:30 pm, so I'm usually home by 3, so as soon as I get some stuff done, I should have a fair amount more time to work on AF stuff. Getting up at 6 sucks, but I've developed a new appreciation for tea and my thermos.

Speaking of which, I've been told that because of the amount of sugar I put in my tea, it actually smells like fruitloops. As I've got a horrid sense of smell, I can't actually tell. Is there anything I can put in my tea to kill the smell so that I don't distract folks?


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Fruit Loops?

Blargh! What brand of tea are you drinking? Sugar shouldn't add to the smell that much...I'd blame the brand you're drinking.

One of the nicer tasting Orange Pekoes I've found is the President's Choice brand, which you should be able to find out there, no? It's also inexpensive.

If you really want to try something adventurous (insofar as tea gets adventurous), pick up some Twinnings Earl Grey. The bergamot oil smells really nice and not at all like cheap cereal. You can get it in small sampler packs just in case you don't like it.

Green Tea is also great, IMO. Lots of caffeine, but with extra healthy thingies that mellow the effect - avoiding the 'jitters' that coffee brings. Leaves you focused and alert.
Do not put sugar in green tea, or I will be offended.

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Different brand

I would try a different brand/type of tea and/or try using honey to sweeten instead of sugar.

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Use real tea!

Do a bit of searching and find yourself some PG Tips.

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