iMac firmware udate

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OK, so I spent some money, and I got a very nice rev D imac. I upgraded the firmware so that I could install 9.2. Went of without a hitch, and now I have a very nice and very fast mac running 9. I now want to install X (Jag right now, I may get panther, but repairing the air conditioning on my Volvo 242 may be higher priority). I'm pretty sure the firmware I used that came with the 9.2 cd is the one they are talking about, right? I don't want this great mac going haywire when I install X, like the horror stories I have heard online (that was the trayloaders that would no longer boot or show video, right?).


It must be user error.

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I'm pretty sure it was slot-loaders...

That could get foobared by installing Jaguar.

Yes. Slot-Loaders:

Don't forget about the 8GB boot partition problem in the trayloaders when installing.