Bus Error on Mystic CC

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Recently upgraded a CC using the Mystic Mod and installed OS 8, with the ResEdit hack. I haven't used it in quite a few months and when I turned it on, a BUS error appeared. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks.



Waste your time some more, my friend.

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If your machine starts up wit

If your machine starts up with the SHIFT key down and no bus errors, then one of your extensions or control panels is screwing things up. You might also try trashing the finder prefs as well. Hold space(?) at startup to get the extensions manager up before boot. Try conflict catcher if you have it.


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have you tried just rebooting

have you tried just rebooting it? ... ive found that sometimes "bomb" errors on startup can be resolved simply by rebooting the machine ... if not ... then try the extensions ... any info on *when* the error happens (i.e. before any extensions appear, after a particular extension etc) can help in finding the cause ...