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I was never in an Apple 1 club, but I do own an Apple 1. I bought it back in 1981; actually traded it for a then-new Epson MX-80 printer. It isn't complete. When I got it, most of the chips were missing. I have replaced everything but the 2519V shift register that serves as the row buffer in the video circuit. For the past few years, I have thought about taking a counter and a RAM chip and building a small board to replace that function.

I came across a photocopied manual somewhere along the line, and burned new ROM monitor chips for it shortly after I got it. I have the cassette interface, but no ROMs for it. I don't have any software for it, though that would be nice to have if I ever got the thing running.

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Hi Glen,Welcome aboard!

Hi Glen,

Welcome aboard! We have the PROM code for the cassette interface recovered and it is available for download. The 2519 is a tough one. Many surplus IC houses claim to to carry some of the rare Apple 1 IC's but I've heard stories of getting wrong parts. By the time the Apple 1 was being sold the 25xx series IC's were already becoming difficult to aquire.

Do you have any photos of your Apple 1? Has it been modified in any way?



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