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We just ordered DSL, and are setting up a wireless network. Mine is the only mac in the house. Which wireless router / wireless card should I buy to ensure complete compatability, and where can I download drivers? I am using 10.2.8 on a lombard 333 with 256 MB ram. To my knowledge it doesn not have any airport software installed, and I couldn't find a version on the apple site. Any hints?


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I got the drivers for my Lucent Orinco Silver card from sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/. My wireless base I got for $30 at RattyShack, so I'm not sure how great it is, but seeing as I live in the woods I have no worry about someone tapping into my network, and nothing else is hooked up to it... whoa I digressed a lot. Anyway, sourceforge for drivers, and I've heard good things about most of the mainstream name brand bases.



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G or B

Airport drivers will play well with a G card in OS X, but a Lucent based B card will be better for anything else (good 3rd party drivers since AP drivers won't play nice in OS X)

For a router I like my Netgear. IIRC so does my areas WiFi startup (who are mac fans)