Optical Zoom Copier/Flat Bed Scanner Hybrid?

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I've got very good quality Optical Zoom, Plain Paper Copier/Document Sheet Feeder rig that needs a $200 Drum it's never going to see. It's been sitting here waiting to be carried to the curb for recycling. I also have a terminally ill/dead (won't interface with my macs but appears to run fine) ScanMaker E6 and a perfectly functional E-3 as a matched set for donor parts.

Before I chuck the copier out, what are the odds of getting a pile of optical/electronic crap like this to work together as a varifocal scanner(separate manual setups of magnification and height of the plane of focus above the platen) for scanning MLBs and other 3D objects?

TIA, for any advice,


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CCFLs? Maybe

CCFT and inverters at the least. If not for this scanner hack for a case mod.