Sorry about last time, well here are some nice pictures of the mac se/30

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Go here: to see pictures of my Mac se/30.

The specs:
030 51MHz
32MB ram
40MB HD (100? can't remember)
Fancy Radius card
System 7.5.3 w/ Word 5.1, Excel 4.1, and glider
I have more software on an external 100-300mb HD
Got it for $25 at Salvation army.

Ask me questions if you want to.
I got a question: When I power it up, the screen shows me the gray background and the harddrive is thinking, but then it stops and nothing happens. But when i use a toothpic (i lost the peice of plastic) to reset it, it boots up correctly.

This is my favorite mac compared to the LC and PB 520c I own.

-Colin Stuart

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HD maybe to close to CRT

Just a thought but the CRT and HD appear too close to one another. It may cause problems.

You should get an EMI shield for the drive.

Like I said, just a thought.

good luck and thanks for the link to the photos.