acoustic coupler - problems - need help

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this is my old acoustic coupler:

Problem as follows:

- ProTerm initializes the modem without problems.
- If I call a number and put the telephone receiver into the coupler nothing happens ???
The read light on the coupler is on and no more rection ...

Do I something wrong or is the coupler broken ????

could it be that this part is broken ???

Thanks a lot !

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What speed are you trying to

What speed are you trying to connect at? Is the modem built into the coupler unit, or is that a separate device?

What sort of modem are you trying to call?

The modem in my TRS-80 Model 100, for example, is incompatible with most modern modems. You might be having a similar problem.



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Speed I try: 300baud Test

Speed I try: 300baud

Test as follows:

I. Apple II

1.) tried to call the lynx system of the university of washington in the same way like I do with my 56k Modem

2.) One Apple II called the other via the modem:

AppleIIe 56k Modem - AppleII acoustic coupler andersonjacobson

ProTerm Megaterm 3.0

II. Windows XP

tried to connect to a german university ...

"Is the modem built into the coupler unit, or is that a separate device?"

Well, I do not understand ... I dial with my phone - and then I have to put the telephone receiver into the acoustic coupler ... !?!

What do you mean can I try ???



It is a:

Anderson Jacobson, Inc.
Modell A211-G3
Made in USA 1984

I found this about:

"Anderson Jacobson AJ 1235 acoustic data coupler/modem
Modem type:
AT&T 103/212A series; 1200, 0-300 bps.

Instruction set used:

Hardware configuration:
Four LED indicators and two switches on front panel give modem/data
status and control modem fuctions. Modem runs off of external plug-in
power supply. Acoustic coupler is needed to originate calls using
external telephone for dialing. Once number has been dialed, modem is
selectable to either direct or acoustic telephone connection.

Software configuration:
No command structure..

Interface type:
RS-232 DB-25S (DCE) connector, full or half duplex operation.

Modem interface packages, by computer:

Apple IIe (Super Serial card):
Access II or other terminal software; straight through DB-25 cable
interface (serial card configured as DTE equipment) for hardware
connection. "

I use a Null Modem cable - is that a straight through ???

ProTerm initializes the coupler ... but nothing more happens ...

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I use to use an accoustic cou

I use to use an accoustic coupler with my GS when my PCs modem died. I connected to Genie at 300 baud. I could type faster than the modem it seemed. Anyways make sure your system is really connecting to the modem at 300 baud. If using a GS go to the control panel and try forcing the serial port to 300. Also make sure you don't have the modem try to answer before the computer on the other line starts its tones.

Back around 96 or 97 I use to use a more moden accoustic coupler from Global village. It had no modem in it and you could connect it to any modem so you could use payphones for AOL or whatever on the road. I use to carry an external 2400 baud modem, PB145 and that and go to payphones at campgrounds to get internet. I use to use Eudora email on it to download from POP3 severs. I would write the replies later and que them to upload. Later on I upgraded to one of the Newton OMP external modems about the size of a deck of cards. That made everything much easier to carry since that modem could run off a battery.

It was much harder to get online back them, but still was pretty fun.

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Thanks a lot ! Now it is w

Thanks a lot !

Now it is working - I had to change 5 parts ...

You can see "working-pic`s" here: