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I'm looking to buy an OS 8.1 CD. The ones I see on ebay are for G3 PowerMacs. Will an OS 8.1 G3 CD load ok on a 68040 Mystic? Or do I need a "retail version" 8.1 CD to load on a 68040 Mac?



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you are going to need a retail disc, as machine specific cd's only install the drivers for the machine it goes to iirc. here, i found this just now:
OS 8.0 with 8.1 cd updater


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8.1 Installer

There is a way to use the PowerPC (Beige G3) 8.1 disc on a Mystic. Instead of using the main installer icon, look instead to the folders called "Full Install Pieces." If you run the 8.1 installer, called "Mac OS Install" from that folder, it gives you a more generic version and will install into the Mystic's HD.

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I have one of these - http://

I have one of these - http://www.danamania.com/temp/os81cd.jpg is the exact one with model number - and it boots & installs on every 8.1-compatible machine I've tried, from low end Quadras up to a beige G3.