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I just got a second hand ibook g3, and i'm having weird problems with the keyboard. the owner doesn't seem to know how to change it. problem is all the , . / ? " : ] and etc. show up as the spanish version of the c. any thoughts? i don't wanna send it back!!


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A few questions ...

Have you tried to replicate the issue with an external usb keyboard? What version of the Mac OS is installed on it? You may want to check the international panel in system preferences (os x), or the keyboard control panel (os 9). From there, you should be able to set which language it's set up for. Another option is to format the hard drive and reinstall the OS. Any weirdness should be remedied by this. This is barring the possibility that it's a spanish language keyboard that has had the keycaps rearranged or replaced. If that's the case, setting the keyboard arrangement to English within the OS should do the trick.


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Thanks for piping up.

*Panther operating system
*Tried the control panel ... keyboard preferences aren't allowing me to do any serious changes.
*All keys are english except for these few random ones.
*Where would I change the language if that is for some reason the issue? I tried looking for that but couldn't find it.