The RETURN of the dual-boot Mac

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I haven't noticed that anyone pointed this out yet; the running of sanctioned WinTel on Macs is done through a dual boot method, just like when OS X first came out and users were reluctant to jump onto it and off of OS9. (For good reason too. . . . OS 10.1 sucked rotten eggs.)

So, uhm, er, ah. . . does this mean that the new MacIntels can be partitioned (in OS 10.5 with the dual boot support software) to have an OS 9 boot once again? (Yes I have an occasional, irreplaceable need for that option.)


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Sadly, no. OS 9 will not run

Sadly, no.
OS 9 will not run natively on an Intel processor.
You're limited to using an emulator to run OS 9. Sheepshaver is fairly stable, and there is a Mactel version available, though it's still in development.
Basilisk II is quite stable for 68K emulation under Windows and PPC OS X, but again the Macintel version is still experimental at this point.

I figure in a couple years when it's time for me to upgrade systems again, I'll just hang onto one of my OS 9-capable systems and hide it under the desk.


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